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Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation is a document to define the legal corporation registered with the State. It provides a general description of the components of the organization, its operations, intentions, members etc.
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Detail how the association is operated such as how the BOD is determined, when meetings are to be held and how business should be conducted.
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Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions are Association documents that govern how the association is run including a legal description of what the property is and what it can be developed into.
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Reservation Policy
Outlines the policies and processes for owner use time reservations.
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AOAO House Rules
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Financial Info

ABC Policy
Assessment Billing and Collection Policy is adopted by the BOD in accordance with the association documents to dictate the timing and structure of the billing process.
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An association budget is utilized to manage the association operating and reserve finances.
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> Budget Cover Letter

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Current Newsletter
2018, Issue 2

Past Newsletters
2018, Issue 1
2017, Issue 2
2017, Issue 1
2016, Issue 2
2016, Issue 1
2015, Issue 3
2015, Issue 2
2015, Issue 1
2014, Issue 3
2014, Issue 2
2014, Issue 1
2013, Issue 4
2013, Issue 3
2013, Issue 2
2013, Issue 1
2012, Issue 4
2012, Issue 3
2012, Issue 2
2012, Issue 1
2011, Issue 4
2011, Issue 3
2011, Issue 2
2011, Issue 1

Haven't been receiving the newsletters?
The Turtle Beach Express newsletter will now only be emailed then published on the Hawaiian Princess website. In order to save money for the association, the board of directors has elected to discontinue mailing the Turtle Beach Express to the owners. Owners who do not have access to a computer may still request that a copy of the Turtle Beach Express be sent to them via regular mail.

Please provide your email address
To ensure that you receive notices of future issues of the Turtle Beach Express or to be notified of current and up-to-date with information about the Hawaiian Princess, we encourage you to provide Trading Places International with your e-mail address. We will only send you news about your resort and travel specials. We will not give or sell your information to any third party.

Call us at 800-776-2541 ext. 1 or complete this form so we may update your email in our database. (Note: including your current home address will help us locate your account): click here.


2019 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule*

  • Budget Committee Meeting (California) – May 22, 2019
  • BOD Budget Meeting (California) – May 23, 2019
  • Board Meeting (Telephonic) – August 29, 2019
  • Board Meeting (Telephonic) – November 21, 2019

*Specific times, dates, and locations are subject to change. Please contact Trading Places International at 800-776-2541 or email joanne.hallert@tradingplaces.com for the most up-to-date and specific information.

Board of Directors

Click here to review the Board Duties and Responsibilities.

Board of Directors Name (Spouse) Current 3-Yr. Term Expires
John Richard McDonald
John Richard (Rick) McDonald (Linda)
80 Rosewood Drive
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 0L9
Hm: 780-464-4619
Cell: 780-719-9241
Jerry Gautreau
Vice President
Jerry Gautreau (Cheryl)
30-6450 Okanagan Landing Rd.
Vernon, BC V1H 2H5
Phone: 250-558-7836
Lloyd Onishenko
Lloyd Onishenko (Karen)
442 Twin Brooks Crescent
Edmonton, AB T6J 6W7
Hm: 780-435-8297
Cell: 780-718-8297
Lorraine MacKenzie
Lorraine (Lolly) MacKenzie
9439 E Hidden Green Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Cell: 480-620-2638
Director Gary Verbout (Connie)
9535 N Clarendon
Portland, OR 97203
Ph: 503-758-2660
Lorne Clark
Lorne Clark
285 Cornwall Road
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2S9
Ph: 780-504-9941


I recently moved, where can I submit my change of address?
To complete your change of address/phone/e-mail online, please visit www.hawaiianprincessmakaha.com/changeofaddress, or call our Owner Services department at 800-776-2541, ext 1.

* Your most current contact information is necessary to keep you up-to-date with important notices, maintenance fee statement billings, and general communication from your association. Thank you for helping us help you!

Where should we start with our owner time reservation process?
Everything begins with a reservation and confirmation. You first need to make a reservation with Owner Services, 800-776-2541, ext 1 or email ownerservices@tradingplaces.com. Once a reservation is booked using your owner use time, you will receive a confirmation, which you’ll need before using, exchanging, or renting your week.

When can I expect my annual maintenance fee statement?
Regular association dues are billed annually and are due payable October 1st of each year (subject to change based on the approved ABC Policy). A statement is mailed to you as a courtesy to assist you in making your yearly maintenance fee payment. Non-receipt of a statement does not relieve you of your financial obligation. Check/Cash payments are encouraged to help keep association expenses down, however if you can not pay by cash or check you can now pay your maintenance fees online with a credit card. Just go to www.hawaiianprincessmakaha.com/paywww.hawaiianprincessmakaha.com/pay and follow the simple instructions.

How do we use our owner time?
You can call TPI Owner Services to reserve your owner use week in the same unit size you own, depending on availability, 11 months in advance to the month (Example: 2/25/18 is available to book on 3/1/17).

You don’t have to wait for your maintenance fee bill to book your next owner use reservation. Space books up fast! For best availability within the unit size you own, you are encouraged to book as early as possible.

If you want to bank your week in order to exchange it, you can do so as early as 11 months in advance as well, however the maintenance fees for that week must be paid in full. In order to pre-pay maintenance fees, you will be charged the current year's maintenance fees and will be billed the difference should fees increase; lead times apply.

If you have any questions on this process or please feel free to contact the Owner Services Department at 800-776-2541, ext 1 or email ownerservices@tradingplaces.com.

What if we can't use our owner time at all this year? Can we carry it over to next year?
Yes. If you do not reserve your use week in a given year it will carry over for one additional year only. If you are not able to use it in the carry over year, subject to availability at the Hawaiian Princess, you must bank it with an exchange company or it will be lost. Please see the Hawaiian Princess rules and regulations for more information.

Example: The 2017 week can be used during the 2017 fiscal calendar year (10/1/16 through 9/30/17). If it is not used during the 2017 fiscal year, it will automatically carry over for one additional year, and must be used before 9/30/18, subject to availability.

Can a guest use my unit?
Yes a guest can use your owner use unit.  Contact Owner Services, 800-776-2541, ext 1 or email ownerservices@tradingplaces.com and let them know the name of the guest. There is no fee for your guests to use your unit.

Can we use only part of our owner use week?
You can't reserve just part of a week, you must reserve a full seven days for each week of use.

Can I make additional reservations to travel back to Hawaiian Princess if I’ve already used my owner time?
If you are a HP owner, you may book Extra Time at your home resort 60 days in advance or less for a minimum of two nights. Contact Owner Services, 800-776-2541, ext 1 or email ownerservices@tradingplaces.com for current rates and availability.

You may also contact TPI’s Vacation Travel Services to inquire about booking reservations more than 60 days in advance of travel, 800-776-2541, ext 4 or visit www.hawaiianprincessmakaha.com/reservations to check rental availability. Nightly minimums may apply.

How can my friends and family travel with me to Hawaiian Princess?
If you are looking to plan a vacation more than 60 days in advance, or your family and friends would like to visit Hawaiian Princess, a rental reservation may work for you or your family. Please be aware that all association rentals and Owner Extra Time are subject to availability and are typically not available during the first quarter of the year or around holidays.  However, there could be owners who have listed their weeks for rent with TPI. Rental reservations can be booked online at www.hawaiianprincessmakaha.com/reservations. You may also call Vacation Rental Services at 800-776-2541, ext 4 or email rentals@tradingplaces.com, to inquire about rates and availability.

How can I exchange my Hawaiian Princess week to travel to another property?
If you are not planning to travel on your week to Hawaiian Princess and would like to bank it with an exchange company, make sure you plan early, as all reservations are subject to availability!

In order to bank/deposit a week, most exchange companies (Trading Places International (TPI), Interval International (II), etc.) require a specific lead time for unrestricted exchange terms. The earlier you deposit the better your chances will be to receive flexibility with your exchange options.

Steps to banking/depositing your week for exchange:
1. Call Trading Places International Owner Services department to request a reservation for deposit
2. Pay your corresponding maintenance fees for the week you want to bank/deposit
3. Contact the exchange company of your choice and give them your Hawaiian Princess reservation (*Please note: An owner services representative is able to facilitate your deposit should you elect to use Trading Places Exchange).
4. Make sure you receive a confirmation directly from the exchange company in writing confirming your week has been successfully banked/deposited.

Do we have to know which property we want to exchange into at the time we deposit?
No. But, just like making your reservation, the earlier you request a specific location, the more likely you are to get it.

For detailed reservation procedures please refer to your Reservation Policies and Procedures: click here

Glossary of Timeshare terms:
Please refer to our Glossary for a listing of frequently used timeshare industry terms.

We are happy to help!
If you have any questions on the information listed above, or on other options for your week, please feel free to contact Owner Services at 800-776-2541, ext 1 or email ownerservices@tradingplaces.com.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Use Time Calendar

Timeshare Calendar for exchanges into Hawaiian Princess. Click on calendar year to enlarge



Has there been any significant changes to your contract information? Use the following document to assist with any of the following regarding your ownership:

  • Change a name(s)
  • Add or remove a name
  • Transfer to a family member or trust
  • Transfer your timeshare to a new owner
  • Retrieve contact information for your Recording Office
  • And more

Click Here to download and print the reference sheet for your records.

Unit Check-in Days

  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1B 405, 406, 904, 1406, 1407 706, 707, 1404, 1405 507, 1102, 1105, 1204, 1403 105, 607, 1003, 1307 108, 203, 306, 1402
1B Corner 901, 1508   1408 1008 1401, 1501
2B   1505, 1507   102 1503

Resales Information

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center is available on the ARDA-ROC.org website. Please click here to view the new ARDA-ROC Resale Center. This is a one-stop resource to educate timeshare owners about the resale process and to protect them from unscrupulous resale and marketing companies.

The goal of this new Resale Center is to offer owners an objective educational place on the web regarding traversing the thorny secondary market.

The Resource Center offers:

  • Information for consumers on how to find the right type of resale process to meet their individual needs.
  • Checklists to help them through the resale process including questions they may ask potential resale companies.
  • Information on how to identify scams and avoid commonly made mistakes.
  • A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions owners may have about reselling. Some of the most important questions dealing with such issues as whether or not legal and tax advice is believable; how the secondary market is regulated; and where to file complaints, along with websites to verify facts about a resale company.
  • A site that encourages owners to share information on their resale experience and the effectiveness of their resale efforts through an on-line survey.

Source: American Resort Development Association, 2011

Maintenance Fees

Unit Type 2018 2019 w/ 10% Discount Discount Amount
1 Bdrm 711.00 736.00 662.40 73.60
1 Bdrm Corner 855.00 885.00 796.50 88.50
2 Bdrm 1,013.00 1,048.00 943.20 104.80

Due Date:
Payment is due on or before October 1, 2018. A 10% discount applies to cash/check payments received by due date.

To Submit a Payment by:

Do not mail post-dated checks.

Make checks payable to:
    Hawaiian Princess TSOA
    PO Box 30417
    Los Angeles, CA 90030-0417

Credit Card:
    To pay online: click hereclick here
    Or call 800-776-2541 ext. 1
    Discount does not apply to credit card payments.

Email billings@tradingplaces.com or call 800-776-2541 ext. 7

Property Taxes

Property Tax Information per Interval Owned
Unit Type 2016 Calendar Year 2017 Calendar Year 2018 Calendar Year 2019 Calendar Year
1B $20.50 $20.50 $21.99 $24.83
1B Corner $28.67 $28.67 $31.72 $35.77
2B $41.84 $41.84 $45.07 $49.97

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